About Elyse

It is my mission to help others rediscover and maintain the inner strength to forge new, healthy, lifelong habits and routines.

What brought me to personal training was my fitness journey. From trying every diet under the sun, to building physical strength for that overall confidence! Now, having emerged from the other side, I want to use my skills, experience, and wisdom to train others and help them avoid the pitfalls I encountered. And we'll have some fun along the way ;-)

There is nothing more important to me than helping someone find what makes them happy, confident, and healthy. That thing that brings us closer to being our 100% authentic self. You can possess the body you desire (whatever that looks like for you) AND still be STRONG AF. It is my mission to help you achieve your body goals AND enjoy training. I promise to provide coaching that ignites the spark for training and LIFE.


Training and Empowering Women through strength.


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Gym Info

Our Address 6420 Gunpark DR, Suite B

Phone Number (303) 815-3934 - Text Us


GYM N°5 is the high-performance training center you were told about, where the good become GREAT. The Gym that athletes seak out to take their performance to the next level, hence our motto: 'LEVEL THE F*** UP!'

It started in 2019 as a simple concept, create a Locally Owned, PRO-STYLE GYM, exclusive in access, packed with Ultra-Premium Equipment. Since then, GYM N°5 has grown into the premier Strength Training facility in Colorado. We welcome you to come and see why trainers, athletes, and other high performers come from across the nation come to LEVEL THE F*** UP at GYM N°5. All Levels Welcome!