Hey Guys,
Long story short, we’ve been forced to temporarily close the Gym, as ordered by the CODPHE. We don’t agree with it, we’re not happy about it, but we don’t really have an option. As GYM NUMBER FIVE it’s hard to argue we don’t fall under the category of GYMNASIUM. 🤬

As of right now, Gym Number Five is closed until April 15th, 2020, as required by ‘PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER 20-22’. Link To Official Order

We are an independent, small mom-and-pop gym. We ask that if you are able, to please consider not cancelling your gym membership. Small businesses are bleeding financially right now, and there might not be a gym to come back to if everyone pulls their membership. But, if you need to cancel, we completely understand…

Some members have been asking where they go to help-out the gym. If you would like to help, you can do so at -