"The only difference between who you are and who you want to be...
is what you are willing to do in this moment."


Who trains at Gym N°5?


Eddie Hall 2017 World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, gave us a shoutout from accross the pond!
Jesus Olivares Jesus Olivares is the Super Heavy Weight 2021 IPF World Champion Powerlifter. He won IPF worlds with a 942Lbs Squat, a 556Lbs Bench, a 804Lbs Deadlift, & a 2303Lbs Total!
Grant Keola Higa Grant is an Animal Pak sponsored ATHLETE, Silver Medalist 2017 IPF Raw Worlds, Silver Medalist "America's Strongest Master 2021", and 2x USAPL Master's National Champion.
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Camille is the female winner of the 2014 CrossFit Games, AKA the 2014 Fittest Women On Earth. She is also the owner of Féroce Fitness.
Samantha Belliveau Samantha is a Professional StrongWomen, Powerlifter, and quite possibly the strongest woman to walk through our doors. Here she is setting the Gym Record in log press at 212lbs! Raw Powerlifting PRs: Bench - 253.5lbs | Squat - 424.4lbs | Deadlift - 501.5lbs.
About Gym N°5 - "unreal facility you have 💪🏼🔥"
Maxime Boudreault Maxime Boudreault is a Professional Strongman. Max has been competing as a strongman since 2015.
Click Here to see him in action at the 2020 Arnold Pro Strongman Qualifier!
Alex Kelley A former 49er and three-year starter for the Buffaloes, Kelley is now putting his athletic focus on excelling in Strongman competition. He is a Gym N°5 Sponsored Athlete.
Nicole Mericle Nicole is the 2019 Spartan Race World Champion, a Trail runner, & Rock climber.
Wes Argrow Wes is a 3 X National Muay Thai Champion, Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, and a member of the Team USA.
Nell Rojas Nell Rojas is an American triathlete, long-distance runner, coach, business owner, and winner of the 2019 Grandma's Marathon. She also competed at the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials and finished in 9th place.

What goes on at Gym N°5


Our Members Say It Best...

I have seen more results in the previous 7 months, than the past 7 years.
-John P.
Facebook Review
"12 out of 10"
Amazing staff, culture and equipment. Every member is very friendly and everyone from CrossFit athletes to strongmen to bodybuilders are welcome. The staff does an amazing job of ensuring the gym is clean at all times, equipment is in the correct place and creating a family friendly environment. The gym is fully equipped with Rogue, Elite FTS and other top of the line name brand equipment. I can not say enough positive things about the gym. 12/10 would highly recommend.
-Erwin T.
Facebook Review
"Amazing gym!!"
Amazing gym!! I've been a member of several great gyms in the Mecha of bodybuilding and strength and performance training that is Columbus Ohio, but I can't compare any of it with the quality experience I had in my time at Gym No.5. From the high caliber equipment, to the environment, to the amazing and personable staff and ownership, this facility of fitness stands head and shoulders above the rest.
-Troy D.
Google Review
"a place to succeed"
The best place to train in the Boulder AND surrounding areas. There isn't another gym like it in Colorado. The owner, trainers, members, equipment, and overall atmosphere beats all. If you want a place to succeed in whatever goals you have, this is the place.
-Josh H
Google Review
"like no other"
The best gym I've ever been to! As a beginner to powerlifting I have to say this place is super welcoming to all levels. The equipment at this gym is like no other I've used. It's awesome and there's plenty to work with no matter what your goal is. I can't put into words how amazing the owners are also, their passion for this gym truly shows.
-Ana M.
Google Review
"Very motivating"
Went to Gym Five for the first time yesterday. Signed up right away. This is the gym I've been looking for. Very motivating environment and world class equipment! Looking forward to working on my strength goals there. Also Russell is super friendly and welcoming. Happy to have found Gym Five.
-Chris W.
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Gym Info

Our Address 6420 Gunpark DR, Suite B

Phone Number (303) 815-3934 - Text Us


GYM N°5 is the high-performance training center you were told about, where the good become GREAT. The Gym that athletes seak out to take their performance to the next level, hence our motto: 'LEVEL THE F*** UP!'

It started in 2019 as a simple concept, create a Locally Owned, PRO-STYLE GYM, exclusive in access, packed with Ultra-Premium Equipment. Since then, GYM N°5 has grown into the premier Strength Training facility in Colorado. We welcome you to come and see why trainers, athletes, and other high performers come from across the nation come to LEVEL THE F*** UP at GYM N°5. All Levels Welcome!