done better than anyone else!

[ We even built an ENTIRE FACILITY around it! ]



'The equipment here is insane. This is the nicest facility I've ever seen.' -member quote


- Home of the DEADLoad Arms -
↪ 1 X Cable Towers w/Dynamic Eccentric-Accenuated Loading
3 X Functional Trainers
5 X Cable Towers with accomidating/banded resistance
Custom Rogue/G5 Viking Press
↪ Rogue/G5 Custom Kickback Machine
↪ Cybex Hip/Squat Press
↪ Arsenal Glute Bridge
↪ Rogue Rhino Belt Squat
↪ Rogue Donkey Reverse Hyper/GHD Combo
↪ Roman Chair/45° Hip Extension
↪ NEW - Pendulum Squat
↪ NEW - Hammer Strength Custom Lean Back Lengthened Leg Extension
↪ Atlantis KAS Hack Squat Pro
↪ Adduction/Good Girl Machine
↪ Rotary Hip Machine
↪ Seated Leg Curl
↪ Prone/Lying Leg Curl
↪ Freemotion Calf Machine
↪ Magnum Squat/Standing Calf
PLATE LOADED - Arsenal, EliteFTS, Hammer, Cybex
↪ Hammer Strength Incline Press
↪ Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
↪ Hammer Abdominal/Oblique Crunch
↪ T-Bar Row
↪ EliteFTS Seated Row/Lat Pulldown
↪ Arsenal Tricep Kickback/Seated Dip
↪ TechnoGym Chest Press
↪ TechnoGym Low Row
Dumbbells up to 140#
4 X Loadable Dumbbells [up to 275#/hand!]
100+ Sets of Rogue Calibrated Plates!
Kabuki Transformer Bar
EliteFTS Rackable Cambered Spider Bar
EliteFTS American Cambered Grip Bar
EliteFTS American Multi-Angle
EliteFTS Rackable Trap Bar
Kabuki Kadillac Bar
Kabuki Duffalo Bar
Slayer Barbell [very rare]
Prototype N1/Prime Fitness Trap Bar
Earthquake Bar
Donnie Thompson Fat Pads
Adjustable Wide-Body Bench
Prime Adjustable Bench w/Arm Pads
Competition Fat Pads
Dumbbell Spot Grips
Tibialis/Shin Machines
Run Rocket
80'x 14' Indoor Turf
These are the highlights. There's TOO MUCH equipment to list it all :-)


Rogue Y3 Yoke
3 x Logs [8", 10", & 12"]
3 X Axle Bars
3 X Loadable Circus DBs
2 X Stones of Steel [17" & 21"]
9 X Atlas Stones [up to 440#]
Adjustable Height Stone Table
EliteFTS Prowler
4 X Tires [135, 300, 600, & 1100#]
17' IN-DOOR throwing wall
3 x Throwing bags
11 X Sandbags [100 - 350#]
3 Weighted Balls/Rubber Atlas Stones
Rogue Block Strongman Sandbag
Farmers Handles
EliteFTS Frame
Rogue Wagon Wheels
Custom Rogue/G5 Viking Press
G5 Custom Loadable Keg
Loadble Dinnie Stone Handles
Loadble Husafell Stone
Rogue Trolley Arms [Simulated Car DLs]
Large Variety of Grip Implements
These are the highlights. There's TOO MUCH equipment to list it all :-)


Rogue Power Bars
Texas Power Bars
Texas DL Bar
Rogue Squat Bar
Competition Fat Pads
Rogue Combo Rack
Rogue/Westside Bench Presses
8 x Rogue Squat Racks
3 X DL Platforms [6'x8']
DL Platform [8'x8']
100+ Sets of Rogue Calibrated Plates!
Change plates 0.25 - 2.5 lb
Gym supplied chalk!
Home of the CU Powerlifting Team [CU Barbell]
Home of TEAM THICK Powerlifting
USAPL Certified Gym
These are the highlights. There's TOO MUCH equipment to list it all :-)


3 X Rogue Men's Pyrros 20kg Oly Bars
3 X Uesaka Men's 20kg Oly Bars
1 X Uesaka Women's 15kg Oly Bar
1 X REP Women's 15kg Competition Oly Bar
1 X Training Bar
3 X Platforms [6'x8']
1 X Platform [8'x8'] w/Collapsible Squat Stand
1 X Pulling Station
1 X Jerk Block Station
Rogue Calibrated Bumper Plates
Change plates
Gym supplied chalk!
Home of TEAM THICK & Flat Irons Weightlifting Clubs
These are the highlights. There's TOO MUCH equipment to list it all :-)


80' X 14' In-door turf [in-door sprints!]
Run Rocket
Aussie Pro Runner Treadmill
TrueForm Treamill
Precore Treadmill [16 mph max, incline & decline]
Row Erg
Ski Erg
Bike Erg
StairMaster Ultimate Stepmill
Rogue Echo Bike
Kettle Bells
Leg Machines w/accomidating resistance
Stall Bars
Tibialis/Shin Machines
Freemotion Calf - Dorsi/foot inversion & eversion
Turf Slides
WOD Rollers
'Foam' Rollers
Various Tempering Devices
These are the highlights. There's TOO MUCH equipment to list it all :-)


Physical Therapists

Word On The Street

I have seen more results in the previous 7 months, than the past 7 years.
-John P.
Facebook Review
"12 out of 10"
Amazing staff, culture and equipment. Every member is very friendly and everyone from CrossFit athletes to strongmen to bodybuilders are welcome. The staff does an amazing job of ensuring the gym is clean at all times, equipment is in the correct place and creating a family friendly environment. The gym is fully equipped with Rogue, Elite FTS and other top of the line name brand equipment. I can not say enough positive things about the gym. 12/10 would highly recommend.
-Erwin T.
Facebook Review
"Amazing gym!!"
Amazing gym!! I've been a member of several great gyms in the Mecha of bodybuilding and strength and performance training that is Columbus Ohio, but I can't compare any of it with the quality experience I had in my time at Gym No.5. From the high caliber equipment, to the environment, to the amazing and personable staff and ownership, this facility of fitness stands head and shoulders above the rest.
-Troy D.
Google Review
"a place to succeed"
The best place to train in the Boulder AND surrounding areas. There isn't another gym like it in Colorado. The owner, trainers, members, equipment, and overall atmosphere beats all. If you want a place to succeed in whatever goals you have, this is the place.
-Josh H
Google Review
"like no other"
The best gym I've ever been to! As a beginner to powerlifting I have to say this place is super welcoming to all levels. The equipment at this gym is like no other I've used. It's awesome and there's plenty to work with no matter what your goal is. I can't put into words how amazing the owners are also, their passion for this gym truly shows.
-Ana M.
Google Review
"Very motivating"
Went to Gym Five for the first time yesterday. Signed up right away. This is the gym I've been looking for. Very motivating environment and world class equipment! Looking forward to working on my strength goals there. Also Russell is super friendly and welcoming. Happy to have found Gym Five.
-Chris W.
Google Review

Gym Info

Our Address 6420 Gunpark DR, Suite B


GYM N°5 is the high-performance training center you were told about, where the good become GREAT. The Gym that athletes seak out to take their performance to the next level, hence our motto: 'LEVEL THE F*** UP!'

It started in 2019 as a simple concept, create a Locally Owned, PRO-STYLE GYM, exclusive in access, packed with Ultra-Premium Equipment. Since then, GYM N°5 has grown into the premier Strength Training facility in Colorado. We welcome you to come and see why trainers, athletes, and other high performers come from across the nation come to LEVEL THE F*** UP at GYM N°5. All Levels Welcome!