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SERVICES [ 1-on-1 or small group, 3-4 ]

Elevate your fitness journey with personalized programs tailored to your unique goals, preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring every step you take is a step closer to becoming your strongest self.

Custom Programming (Workout Design)
Challenges eg. (12 Week Sustainable Nutritional Wellness Program, BodyWeight Challenge)

Experience unparalleled support and guidance as we work together closely, empowering you to conquer obstacles, surpass limitations, and unleash your full potential with individualized attention every step of the way.

One-on-one coaching
Women Fitness
Student Athletes

Join a community of like-minded people, where camaraderie and encouragement flourish, fostering a supportive environment to challenge yourself, celebrate victories, and grow stronger together in every workout.

Custom Programming (Workout Design)
Preparation Strength/Conditioning Speed/Agility


I have worked with every demographic. My passions currently are the athlete, mothers and women who have the desire to do hard things, challenge their bodies and/or heal their bodies. I have coached athletes preparing and maintaining for their sport. I have coached and prepped athletes for the next level and learned along the way with top coaches in the field. Since becoming a mom I have expanded my knowledge for women’s health and fitness and more specifically pregnancy and postpartum. I have sustained my passion for working with athletes because of the relatability I have with them as an ex college athlete myself. As chapters ended and new ones came along I have grown an even stronger passion for mothers and helping them along their journey of motherhood. As a mother of three I have learned the importance of the committed investment of health in a holistic standpoint and fitness being the catalyst to it as a whole. My goal for mothers and women is to also help them build confidence and resilience to accomplish their responsibility of being a mother with strength, and grace. My goals with athletes is to give them an impacting lifelong experiencing that will help them not only in their sport but life as well.

My clients are put through structured, tailored and well-thought-out workouts which challenge their compensations, increase their strengths, and improve their overall confidence. Whatever the clients goals are they will be challenged and coached in the gym and out of the gym through things that will improve not only their physical health but thier mental as well. My Coaching will provide necessary support they need to reach their goals.

Marissa works with a variety of clients, from the young child learning how to control their body to the more conditioned athlete that needs exceptional coaching to get them prepared physically and mentally for their competition. Marissa works with women newly postpartum or conditioned mothers that need the expertise knowledge to improve their overall strength and address issues that come with the long journey of pregnancy and the challenges and changes that come with postpartum. These women leave her sessions feeing empowered and more confident in themselves. If you are new to the gym experience Marissa will make sure you learn to manuevar the gym with confidence and build the trust one needs to make their health a top priority.


Pregnancy/Postpartum Exercise & Women’s Health and Fitness

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